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A winning wage: University degrees that lead to high paying careers.

Your Pathway to a High Paying Career begins here.

So it goes without saying that the more qualified you are, you earn more. And lets face it, we all do want to be successful and well paid.

Typically, the career sectors that have high paying jobs come from the health industry and the engineering industry.

What would you need to study to be really well paid and perhaps get your dream house?

According to research I did, some of the highest paying graduate degrees are as follows:
(This list is not in order from highest to lowest, its random-because I like to be random from time to time..)

1. Surgeon.
2. Anesthetists.
3. General Practice Physician.
4. Psychiatrist.
5. Orthodontist (if you like poking into peoples mouths and having some of them bite your hands.)
6. Dentist.
7. CEOs, GMs and legislators.
8. Engineering Managers.
9. Petroleum Engineers.
10. Mining Engineers.

See the rest of the list here >> and here >>

If you’re interested in knowing how much some of the jobs pay per hour, take a look at this >>
(Please note, the above link was published in 2013, some of this information may have changed.)

You have the information, but now how to get there?

Curtin University offers several of these courses, from mining engineering courses and petroleum engineering courses to a degree in pharmacy. Or maybe you’re more into business? Curtin has that pathway for you too.

Although money is an essential aspect in life, its important to follow and do something you love. At the end of the day, the career you choose is something you’re going to be doing everyday for the rest of your life. Why do something if you don’t love it?

Like everyone else, I wanted a career that would make me successful and be a well paid one, but then I realised, it isn’t the career that makes you successful and rich, its you that does.
Anyone can be successful and rich, it just depends on how hard you choose to work.

I chose a career pathway that isn’t on any of these lists, but instead I chose a career pathway that drives me to work hard and be successful, mainly because its something that I love and I would be ready to go to work everyday for the rest of my life doing something that I love and getting well paid for it. And then, one day, I would succeed in my field and ultimately move up to a higher paying salary.

Someone whose story constantly inspires me is the story of Steve Jobs, one quote that fuelled my decision to choose Food Science and Technology was this, “It (what you choose to do) has got to be something that you’re passionate about because otherwise you won’t have the perseverance to see it through.”

Longest post I’ve written, congrats if you read through the whole thing!

Okay bye.

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