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Communications Team

Meet the Communications Team at Curtin College.

  • Gemma Clarke Gemma Clarke edit page Program Manager of Communication Skills at Curtin College

    Gemma Clarke

    Academic Coordinator - Language, Learning & Teaching

    What is your role at Curtin College? My role is quite varied. I manage and teach Communications skills units and English development. This includes identifying and tracking students’ progress in English language as well as working with my colleagues to provide a comprehensive program of support classes to ensure all students have the support to…

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  • Renuka-Pathmasuntharam Curtin College

    Renuka Pathmasuntharam

    Lecturer - Communications

    Renuka teaches Communication Skills and enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds.

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  • Jocelyn-Robinson Communications Lecturer at Curtin College

    Jocelyn Robinson

    Lecturer - Communications

    What is your role at Curtin College? I teach Communication Skills subjects, currently ARW001 and ACS001. I also work with both staff and students to promote academic integrity at the college, as well as providing academic support to students. What do you like most about your role? What I like most about teaching these subjects…

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