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Vicki Leishman

Program Manager | Humanities

Vicki-Leishman Curtin College

What do you teach at Curtin College?


What do you like most about the subject?

There is no predetermined outcome to a Design problem, and every students’ response to a project will be unique.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I think it’s important to emphasise both theory and practice in Design. Too often people think Design is about making things pretty. My students are used to me asking the question “But why?”

Where else have you worked?

The main organisations and companies I have worked for are Survey Branch, NSW Department of Public Works, Pancontinental Mining, Curtin University, Kalamunda Senior High School and Curtin College. I also ran my own business for approximately 20 years.

What’s your academic background?

B.A. (Design) (Honours) Dip.Ed.


Vicki Leishman