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About Instagram…

So welcome back after the extremely short break which I mostly spent in bed watching re runs of Vampire Diaries and eating Ben&Jerry ice cream. Oh and reading The Mortal Instruments books.
I also decided to Snapchat and Instagram about that and now I am choosing to blog about it too.
So here is your Types of Instagram Pictures and What They Mean post:

*cue drum roll.*

The food picture – well its pretty simple, here I am eating this yummy cupcake so I’ll

add a few filters on it to make it look more delicious then post it up just to make you feel bad that I get to eat it, and well, you don’t.

So I have an adorable little dog and sometimes I take selfies with him, and it’s really hard cause he will never look directly at the camera, he moves around a lot so all the pictures come blurry, he gets bored and decides to walk away and leaves me there alone feeling rejected that he just didn’t want to take a picture with me, but then there’s that moment when we finally get that one really good picture. So I Instagram it, just to tell everyone that he loves me and we always take really awesome pictures together after one attempt.
Sometimes, I carry him and hold him in front of mirror and say, “this is you.”

The beach picture – this is when you go to the beach, post up a picture of you just casually having a good day here, just to tell everyone else that your life is simply amazing and all you get to do is have a casual chilled out day at the beach. And although, this may be a rare occasion, you basically want it to seem like your whole life is a vacation.

Instacollages – so you want the whole world to know how awesome you are and one picture just simply doesn’t do justice, so let me just take a whole bunch of them from different angles and turn it into a collage.

Candid pictures – yeah my friends love me and they think I am awesome and amazing, and we just like to take casual pictures of each other all the time, just to show how much fun we’re having.

If you stalk my Instagram, I am guilty of all of the above. And if you are too, or your friends are then, share, comment and eat cupcakes.
Oh and also, I saw fighter planes on Anzac day.

Okay bye.

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