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Bucket List

Sadly, I have just a few more months left in College, which brought me to this realization that I need to make the most of it, which then led to me spending a rainy afternoon back home in Kenya creating my College Bucket List.

Tick them off as you go, share your memories.

1. Go on a road trip with a bunch of friends.
2. Do an all nighter – for non academic reasons.
3. Play beer pong.
4. Grab your besties and jump on the ferry to Rotto. Spend the day cycling the island.
5. Visit one the awesome and cool new music venues in the city.
6. Join a club on campus.
7. Start a paper the night before it’s due. Hand it on time.
8. Instagram the sunrise view from the library when you’re done.
9. Throw a darty* with your friends. (*day party)
10. Attend the Wednesday market sales on campus.
11. Attend a student run theatre production.
12. Attend a student protest for fun.
13. Stay friends with at least one person you meet during orientation.
14. Spend one Thanksgiving with your friends.
15. Crash a party where you know no one – and make new friends.
16. Abuse all your Student ID perks.
17. Learn something interesting about the history of Curtin.
18. Submit a confession onto the Confessions at Curtin Facebook Page.
19. Attend a prospective student campus tour for the fun of it and to see the campus in a new light.
20. Graduate.

You can follow me on my little adventures with the above on:
Facebook Jasrita Kalsi
Instagram @Jas_kalsi
Twitter@ Jasrita_k

And if you get any of these done, let me know how it goes =D

Okay bye.

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