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Curtin College student Jade becomes intern at Disney.

My name is Jade Tallowin; I am 20 years old and have recently finished my Bachelor in Commerce with a double major in Marketing and Advertising. In July this year I applied for a 6 months to 1 year internship in Florida with the Walt Disney company and was recently accepted. I will be working full time as a waitress within one of the many Disney restaurants and on my two days off I will be taking Disney seminars; Disney Marketing and Human Resource/ Cast Training. This is defiantly a big change for me but I feel quite prepared for this big change.

University was a hard challenge for me because I’m the type of person who is usually scared of change, especially big change! Going from a student at high school to a Curtin University student was definitely a big change. But without my university experience I would have never had got this amazing opportunity but would also never had believed I could move away and become independent.

I completed my first year of university through Curtin College and I could not be more grateful. Once I finished my Diploma I transitioned into the second year of my chosen commerce degree at Curtin Business School. Curtin College was my first step of independence and there were many times where I just wanted to quit and not because I wanted the easy way out but because I didn’t believe in myself. That’s where I was wrong. The staff and my fellow peers at Curtin College believed in me, which made me, believe in myself. There were so many people who were willing to help me at Curtin College and when I moved to Curtin University they were just as helpful.

I am about to set off on the biggest journey off my life! It will definitely be a big change and that does scare me but the past 3 years of university has set me up for this opportunity. It not only has prepared me for the Walt Disney seminars I will be taking while working full time in the USA but it has also equipped me with the right skills for the independent life style and cultural changes that Ill experience.

Please follow me throughout my journey where I will be writing about my experiences including the good and the bad. I am planning to write two blogs a month so you’ll be kept in the loop ☺

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