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Drive Thru Down Under

As an International student, it sometimes gets a little bit hard to juggle your studies and all those cooking utensils. And if you’re anything like me, you always had your mum there to cook you a scrumptious home cooked meal. I miss that.  And, you also get pretty lazy. So what do you? You resort to Drive Thrus to save your hunger pangs.

The only problem for me though, is that Drive Thrus stress me out for the following reasons:
The fact that you have to decide what you want and then drive over to that little speaker thing and then you’re so pressurized to quickly decide what you want to eat and the person is like, “Hello can I take your order?” and you still have to decide so you’re there trying to prolong this whole situation, talking really slowly asking them to hold on and they keep asking you after every one second and the whole pressure to place your order just increases from 100 to 1000.

Sometimes, it’s even worse when you have someone parked behind you and they’re there honking their horn at you and you’re still there trying to place your order in this whole really stressed out situation trying to decide on what kind of cholesterol you want to damage yourself with today.

What makes it worse, is when you have someone answer you with this whole really angry voice and you feel like they’re just angry with life and taking your order is pretty much just making them more angry. So in that whole pressure you just ramble on your order to them and pretty much get it wrong. Or, you get the person who is just least bothered with your order and would rather be swimming in the ocean then standing there pretending to care about what you want to eat.

Now, after all this stress, you finally drive forward to pick your food up – which most of the times is not really want you want, through all those several attempts of shouting out your order to the person and you’re like, “yeah can I get the grilled chicken burger combo.” “okay so a chicken burger combo” “no a GRILLED chicken combo.” – so after all that, you finally get your food and you start checking that everything is there and…..THERE ARE NO SAUCES.

So you’re pretty much the saddest person right now because there is absolutely no way you can go back thanks to the guy behind you who still keeps honking at you.
So writing this stressed me out I’m going to go eat Nutella now.

I can not be the only person this ever happened to. So if you can relate to this, comment about your experiences and share this post with your friends.  
Okay bye.

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