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Paintball Fear & Fun!

Paintball_Player_MinifigureEight brave souls enlisted in the inaugural Curtin College Paintball Extravaganza last weekend. Facing wind, rain, and a fierce opposition, our students, along with their Captain, (David Missal), our soldiers and their comrades on the White Team loaded their paintball guns and set out for their first battle along the Berlin Wall.

The objective: Storm through the wall and touch the back fence of the opposition’s field.

The Field Marshalls announced the start of the match, and the Curtin College Commandos let out a fearsome battle cry, earning their team extra points at the very start of the day. Untested, the students charged forth into the fray, repelling wave after wave of attacker as they poured over and through the wall. The first match ended in a draw, but, at the eleventh hour, one quick scout managed to elude the enemy fire and race to the back wall to claim victory!

Round two brought Speedball, a complex maze of oil drum barriers. The name of the game was survival. Leading the charge, David took up a central position to pick off any challengers to the right or left, while the rest of his team moved in to flank the other team. With victory almost assured, one of the vile Orange Team members made a heroic charge. With no ammo left, he leapt out and sacrificed himself, taking a paintball to the neck, while the rest of his team held off the enemy advancement.

Paintball PreparationsWith two draws in Speedball, it was off to the Pyramid. While the Captain recovered from his wounds at HQ, the rest of the team fought valiantly, managing to hold the Tomb and repel all challengers, securing another victory for White.

Next up was Castle Defence. White team was first on the attack, and with a few new recruits that defected from the Orange team, they eliminated the enemy in just over five minutes. But Orange was quicker and it seemed like White would surely lose. Then, thinking they were being crafty, two Orange team members snuck into the castle and were swiftly captured by the White Team, allowing White to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Juneidy CurtinCollege Paintball

The last battle of the day took place in the Wild, Wild West. Once the dust settled after an hour long battle between the Lawmen and the Outlaws, it was once again White who emerged victorious.

The final score on the day:
White – 71  ::  Orange – 50

Battered and bruised, our soldiers returned home, painted but proud. Be sure to congratulate the Curtin College Commandos on their victory if you see them around campus, and join us next time!


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