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“I Don’t Like Ice-Cream” – Said No Student Ever! | Best Student Food @ Curtin

As a student who spends an immense amount of time on campus (because I am a good student – nothing to do with the lack of wi-fi at home), I obviously land up eating a lot of meals here.

So like all things, too much of something is bad for you. Which meant, too much of the same old food landed up being bad for me…and boring. Student food, can be good, bad or ugly!

So you can imagine my excitement when Park’d at Curtin started.

If you ever have pizza cravings, you need to do yourself a favour and grab yourself the three for $10 mini pizzas at the Little Caesar’s van. The cheesy halloumi pizza is a must have. Plus, they’re mini and cute.

Secondly, seeing as we’re falling into summer time, the Boost Crush ranges are the perfect healthy cooling drink. Being from Kenya meant that all the different fruit juices I had were fresh, and once I came here, Boost was the closest I ever got to that.

The Spot now has Ben&Jerry’s! It’s happiness in a tub.

Follow the Park’d at Curtin page on Facebook so you can read other people’s reviews about the different food trucks and you can see which food trucks are around campus every week.

Next, follow Kieran’s delish Curtin reviews – he’s a student who has decided to try every food product on campus and writes interesting funny reviews on each of them 🙂
He also has some of the coolest t-shirts and his reviews will make you laugh.

Okay bye.
Im going to get myself some Ben & Jerry’s now.

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PS. Here is where you can find the food vans this week. Taste it for yourself! 😉

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