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Preparing to come to Australia

There are a few things to consider before you leave for Australia. We encourage you to speak with your agent, friends, or relatives who currently study or live in Australia, and research online.Find out more about being an international student in Australia >

Obtaining Your Student Visa You must apply for a student visa before you can enter Australia.

To obtain a student visa, you must be studying with an education provider.

You should have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) relating to your place at Curtin College. A CoE is used in the process of applying for your student visa, which is issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

Students from some countries should apply for student visas online. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for a list of countries where students should apply for a visa online and for more information about obtaining your student visa.

If you applied for your place at Curtin College via an agent, they will help you obtain your student visa.

Once in Australia, if you are not a current student at Curtin College, you may be in breach of your student visa. A multiple entry visa will allow you to travel home for holidays and return to Australia without the need to apply for other re-entry visas.

Dept. of Home Affairs

Maintaining Your Student Visa Here's what you must do once you have your student visa.

Student visas are granted subject to certain conditions. You must:

  • attend a minimum of 80% of all classes,
  • make satisfactory progress with your study,
  • obtain and maintain current Overseas Student Health Cover,
  • keep the College informed at all times of your current address in Australia,
  • not work more than 40 hours per fortnight,
  • meet additional requirements applicable to minors if you are under 18.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

As an international student, you must have current OSHC at all times during your studies.

Current Australian Contact Details

The Australian government requires that all international students keep their education provider informed of their current Australian address, phone number, and email address at all times.

Academic Progress

Curtin College is obliged by law to inform the Department of Home Affairs if there is a history of unsatisfactory progress. If you do not meet the minimum attendance requirements or do not make satisfactory academic progress (pass at least 50% of enrolled subjects per study period) you risk losing your visa.

Progress and Intervention Policy


Curtin College Orientation

Orientation will be one of the most important experiences you will have as a student. It is where you will meet the people who will become your friends in Perth, and the people who will help you to be successful academically.

Read about your Orientation >

Overseas Student Health Cover OSHC helps minimise medical expenses incurred whilst in Australia. All students applying for a student visa must obtain OSHC for the entire proposed duration of their visa.

Allianz Logo

Curtin College’s preferred provider is Allianz Global Assistance.

Allianz customers have access to online help, telephone support, legal advice and assistance towards payment of covered medical bills. Not everything is covered by Allianz, so you should check your level of cover carefully before committing to medical treatment or advice.

Curtin College is pleased to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) on your behalf. The cost of OSHC is shown in your Letter of Offer.

If you elect to purchase your own cover, you must provide evidence of your cover to Curtin College before your visa can be processed.

OSHC may not cover any illness or disability that you had prior to arriving in Australia. Make sure you bring any optical or medical prescriptions with you.

Allianz Website

Accommodation Where will you stay when you arrive in Perth?

As a Curtin College student, you have access to the same on-campus accommodation options as Curtin University students. Students who are new to Perth will be given first priority.

If you are under the age of 18, Australian Immigration requires that Curtin College approves all your accommodation and welfare arrangements before you can travel to Australia.

Please visit the Accommodation section of this website to find out about accommodation options that are available for Curtin College students.

Minors Information if you are a student under 18 years old.

A special meeting will be held on Wednesday in week two of every study period. All new minors are required to attend.

Curtin College must approve all accommodation and welfare arrangements before students are granted visas and permitted to travel to Australia. This is a requirement of Australian Immigration.

Curtin College will approve your arrangements if you will be living with parents, legal guardians, other appropriate family members, or genuine family friends.

The local carer or guardian must:

  • be living in Perth,
  • be at least 21 years of age,
  • be readily available for the student at all times,
  • be available to come into Curtin College if required,
  • be proficient in English,
  • have a Working with Children Check and Police Clearance (as required).

Where no carer is available, Curtin College requires that minors reside in approved Homestay accommodation.

Minors must not move from their notified accommodation without first providing a letter from their parents or legal guardians stating that they approve of the new accommodation, welfare, and general support arrangements.

While you are staying at Curtin College, a Student Adviser will contact you each study period to check that you are keeping to the arrangements outlined by your parents or legal guardians prior to your departure from your home country. It is essential that you reply to the Student Advisory Officer immediately.

Emotional & Psychological Preparation Leaving home to study overseas is an exciting adventure that broadens your mind, provides you with a world- class education, and allows you to share your experiences with students from many different countries.

During the first two or three months, you will go through many emotions and new experiences. You might be on an emotional high one day and an emotional low the next. This is very normal and is something that most students experience. The highs occur because you have started a new adventure, are making new friends, learning new things, and experiencing adult independence, among many other things. The lows occur because you are dealing with a new way of learning, cultural differences, homesickness, and missing family and friends.

Remember that most other new students are experiencing the same thing. Your emotional lows will lessen as time goes by and you begin to settle into your new life.

If you find yourself feeling low, and are having trouble adjusting, discuss it with your classmates and friends or make an appointment to see one of the friendly support staff at Curtin College. Make sure you keep busy. You will be surprised how focusing on your studies, going to a movie, exercising, or doing something to take your mind off how you are feeling will make you feel better.

Curtin College also runs events, workshops, and outings around town to help students make friends, improve their studies, and adjust to their new environment.

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